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Show Planes


The Ramp

Young Eagles



Vendors and Exhibitors at the 2014 Virginia Regional
Festival of FLIGHT


Aircraft Sales & Instruction - Aircraft Dealer Area

  757 Adventures
  American Aviation
  American Helicopters
  Aviation Institute of Maintenance
  B & B Sport Aviation
  Cub Crafters
  Freedom Aviation
  Glasair Aviation, LLC
  Just Aircraft
  Rick Aviation
  Tidewater Soaring Society
  Van's Aircraft, Inc.
  Virginia Airborne & Rescue

Airplanes Rides - Aircraft Dealer Area

  757 Adventures - AT-6 Texan
  Decker Aviation - Helicopters - R-44 and R-22
  Norfolk Flight Center - Cessna 172

Food - Food Court

  All In One Catering
  Frosty's Shaved Ice, LLC
  Funtastic Foods
  Jadeans Smokin Six O
  Sara Festivals
  Scooters Concessions
  Squirrel Hollow Ice Cream

Handouts - Aircraft Registration Tent

  FAA Safety Briefing
  GA News
  Pacific Oil Cooler
  Virginia Living

Merchandise - Vendor Area

  Best Value Remodelers - Inside Vendor Tent
  Claymatees - Outside
  Mid Atlantic Section Ninety Nines (99s) - Women's Ventures
  Mr. Rogers Windows - Inside Vendor Tent
  Noah Favaregh Flight Scholarship - Outside
  Pampered Chef - Women's Ventures
  Premier Designs Jewelry - Women's Ventures
  Scentsy Wickless Candles - Women's Ventures
  Steven Ortega - Virginian Pilot - Outside
  Thirty-one Gifts - Women's Ventures
  Unique Product Sales Co. - Outside
  Vacation Village Resorts - Admission Gate

Other Organizations - Check with Information Tent for Specific Locations

  AF Rapid Strike Tour - Across from Car/Motorcycle Show
  Angel Flight - Inside Vendor Tent
  Assorted Show Cars and Motorcycles
  Aviation Insurance Resource - Inside Vendor Tent
  Blue Knights - Admission Gate
  CAF Old Dominion Squadron - Outside
  Experimental Aircraft Association - Outside
  Hampton Model Club - Youth Area
  Hampton Roads Chapter Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems - Outside
  National Weather Service - Outside
  Suffolk Tourism Office - Inside Vendor Tent
  Tuskegee Airman Display - Across from Car/Motorcycle Show
  United States Coast Guard Recruiting - Outside
  Virginia Airborne and Rescue - Aircraft Dealers
  Virginia Department of Aviation - Outside
  Wings - Level - Youth Area
  World War II 1943, USN & WAVES Program/Display - Outside

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