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Vendors and Exhibitors at the
2009 Virginia Regional Festivalof FLIGHT

Aircraft Sales and Instruction - Aircraft Dealer Area

  AB Flight, LLC
  B & B Sport Aviation
  Chesapeake Aviation Services
  Dominion Air Services, Inc.
  Dynamic Aero
  Flight Dream Reality, LLC
  Glasair Aviation, LLC
  Green Landings Flight School
  Heart of Virginia Aviation, Inc.
  Helo Werks
  Horizon Aircraft Sales & Leasing, Inc.
  Jabiru USA Sport Aircraft, LLC/Arion Aircraft, LLC
  Just Aircraft
  Lancair International
  Paradise USA, LLC
  Tidewater Flight Center
  Van's Aircraft, Inc.
  Velocity Inc.

Aircraft Hardware and Accessories - Aircraft Dealer Area

  Aviation Insurance Resources
  Batton Enterprises
  Concorde Battery Corp.
  Cool-Air, Inc.
  Dynon Avionics

Aircraft Rides - Across from Ultralight Field

  Bay Aviation - PT-19

Food - Food Court

  A & B Enterprise - Misc. food
  Leisure Time/Lucky Dog - Lemonade
  Sara Festivals, Inc. - Misc. Food
  Scooters - Misc. Food
  Uncle Dave's Kettle Korn - Kettle Korn
  We Are Nuts - Desserts, Ice Cream

Handouts - Aircraft Registration Tent

  GA News
  Pacific Oil Cooler
  Wicks Aircraft Supply

History & Museums - Vendor Area

  Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society

Merchandise - Vendor Area

  Author - Jane Birch "They Flew Proud"
  Byrd Aviation Books
  Custom Plaques
  East Coast Equipment
  Mile High Hot Sauce
  Paramount Builders, Inc.
  Wings & Things, Military Collectibles

Other Organizations - Check with Information Tent for Specific Locations

  Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic
  Aviation Institute of Maintenance
  City of Suffolk Tourism
  Experimental Aviation Association
  Federal Aviation Administration
  National Weather Service
  The United States Coast Guard
  Virginia Department of Aviation
  Wing Nuts Flying Club

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