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Vendors and Exhibitors at the 2011 Virginia Regional Festival of FLIGHT

Aircraft Sales and Instruction - Aircraft Dealer Area

  AB Flight, LLC
  B & B Sport Aviation
  Chesapeake Aviation Services
  Fleming Aviation
  Glasair Aviation, LLC
  Green Landings Flight School
  Horizon Aircraft Sales & Leasing, Inc. - Cessna
  Just Aircraft, LLC
  Norfolk Flight Center
  Sky Tech - Piper
  Tecnam North America
  Tidewater Soaring Society
  Van's Aircraft, Inc.

Aircraft Hardware and Accessories - Aircraft Dealer Area

  Aces Systems
  DTC Duat Service
  SkyVision Xtreme, LLC

Aircraft Rides

  Bay Aviation
  Coastal Helicopters
  OBX Biplanes

Food - Food Court

  Community Harvest Outreach Inc.
  Cross Concessions
  Freedom Farm Dairy and More

Handouts - Aircraft Registration Tent

  GA News
  Pacific Oil Cooler

Merchandise - Vendor Area

  4 Paws Aviation - Inside vendor tent
  Aviation Hats - Inside vendor tent
  East Coast Equipment - Outside
  Jenson Apparel - Outside vendor
  Wings & Things, Military Collectibles
  Melani Brothers - Inside vendor tent

Other Organizations - Check with Information Tent for Specific Locations

  AdMor Insurance LLC - Inside Vendor Tent
  Angel Flight East - Outside Vendor
  Aviation Insurance Resources - Inside Vendor Tent
  Bath Fitter, Inc. - Inside Vendor Tent
  Berlin Airlift Foundation - Outside
  Blue Knights - Outside vendor
  City of Suffolk Tourism - Inside Vendor Tent
  Foundation for Wellness Professional - Outside
  Hampton Model Club - Youth Area
  Kitchen Saver, Inc. - Inside vendor tent
  Lockheed Martin - Outside
  Master Hwang's World Class Tae Kwan Do - Outside
  National Weather Service - Outside
  Tidewater Flying Club - Outside
  United States Coast Guard Recruiting - Outside
  Vacation Village Resorts

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